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Before School

Breakfast club

Breakfast club

Breakfast club

Breakfast club

Breakfast club

Lunch time

Football Y5/6

(Mr. Arthur)

Running club KS2

(Miss Bishop, Mrs. McMonagle, Miss Bartlett, Mrs. Reynolds)

Art and craft club  Y3/4

(Miss Davidson, Miss Bartlett)

After school

Netball Y5/6

(Mrs. Howe)

Homework club KS2 (Mrs. Barstow, Mrs. Hattersley)

Animation club Y5/6

(Mrs. Johnson)


(Mr. Duffin)

Photography Y2 &Y6

(Mrs. Callaghan, Miss Scott)

Prayer group

(Mrs. Dutch)

For information about any of the activities please ask your class teacher.

At St Michael's we provide a Breakfast Club and After School Club.   If you would like to book a place please contact Miss Lunn.  Please make sure your child is aware that they will be using the after school club.

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