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Our Staff

All members of staff at St Michael's RC Primary School are employed by the Governors of the school (apart from the kitchen staff and who are employed by the Local Authority). All staff work under the direction of the Headteacher, Mr Duffin. A current list of all staff at the school is detailed below.

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs C. Howe (Year 6)

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs M. Johnson (Reception)

Teaching Staff:

Mr D. Arthur (Year 5)

Miss N. Davidson (Year 4)

Miss H. Gray (Year 3)

Mrs J. Callaghan (Year 2)

Mrs P. Riley (Year 1 - PT)

Mrs H. Dutch (Year 1 - PT)

Mrs S. Berry (Nursery)

Mr P. Lea (KS2 - PT)

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs J. Barstow

Miss R. Bartlett

Miss F. Bishop

Mrs D. Clegg

Mrs F. Grey

Mrs F. Hattersley

Mrs Y. Holmes

Miss K. Lunn

Mrs S. McMonagle

Mrs K. Pearce (special support)

Mrs C. Reynolds

Mrs E. Roles (special support)

Mrs P. Scallan-Mottram

Miss L. Scott

School Admin: Mrs C. New

Caretaker: Mr A. Shaw

Cleaner: Mrs S. Butler

Welfare Assistants:

Mrs J. Ahearne

Mrs M. Farrell

Mrs A. Hindley

Mrs M. Riley

Mrs E. Roles

Mrs S. O’Toole

Mrs D. Clegg

Mrs K. Pearce

Mrs L. Szablinskyj

Mrs O. Clegg

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