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Welcome to BESt.

This site has been deliberately designed to be as simple as possible to navigate and maintain. By keeping things simple we hope that the content of BESt will be available to teacher and their pupils for a long time and will survive the changes in technology.

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About BESt

BESt is the online digital resource bank of Bury Education Authority.
BESt is divided into two main areas: Topics – which lend themselves to cross curricular activities; and Subjects – which are closely targeted activities designed to support the teaching of a particular learning outcome.
To support both Topics and Subjects there are a number of libraries that hold still images, video, sound, documents, links etc.
BESt a lasting legacy to colleagues in Bury who worked to promote the use of computers and Internet technology in education. As a consequence you may find some topics and subjects that are not directly appropriate for your current needs.

Using BESt

BESt is open to all teachers.
The content of BESt is copyright but the owners have offered it to be used by any teacher, throughout the world, for educational purposes only. Should you wish to use any material you find in BESt for your own publications please contact BESt by email to discuss how it may be used.
It is hoped that wherever you teach you will find that there is material here that is useful to you and your pupils. For full details of how to use BESt please read the Acceptable Use page.



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